Video and website explaining a highly complex concept.

Info-Centric NAS Case Study

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The Project

Explaining highly complex and interconnected concepts to industry, management, and the public. The Info-centric NAS is the FAA’s vision for a future National Airspace System that will be interconnected, flexible, and inclusive of all stakeholders.

The Challenge

We were tasked with providing an overview of the FAA’s vision for the future of air travel to a broad audience with a diverse range of technical knowledge, including:

  • Executives in the aerospace industry
  • FAA employees and management, and
  • The flying public.

The challenge, therefore, was to create public-facing communication that would thread the technical, political, and operational needles.

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The Solution

KAIA delivered content and graphics that were deployed as two engaging pieces of content designed to inform and inspire:

  • A rich interactive online experience, and
  • A brief explainer video using high impact graphics

Through an iterative process we collaborated with the client on both their messaging and visuals. We were able to use the power of story in combination with dynamic motion graphics to bring life to what otherwise could be a dry recitation of facts and milestones.

Charting Aviation's Future - Operations in an Info-Centric NAS

This project included:

  • Graphic Support
  • Animated Video
  • Brand Storytelling

The Outcome

We delivered what was required and more. For example, many website graphics were animated rather than static, a feature that was not required but added impact and visual interest. The video and website content were well-received by the FAA and serve to clearly communicate their vision of an Info-centric NAS as it becomes reality over the coming years.