Detailed graphic presentation to NASA engineers.

NAS101 Case Study

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The Project

A presentation on the National Airspace proves the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting on a virtual event. LST is a prime contractor with decades of experience working on the National Airspace (NAS). They had the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with NASA in a half-day training session branded as the NAS101 training course.

The Challenge

The NAS developed over decades, incorporating both cutting-edge and legacy technologies, and serves a wide range of stakeholders, from the aeronautics industry to the flying public. The question was how to communicate as much meaningful information as possible in a four hour event that had suddenly changed from in-person to virtual due to the pandemic?

Graphic for NAS 101 event

The Solution

In a few short weeks, KAIA coordinated across many departments to collect media and interview speakers as the online event platform was being created simultaneously. Existing photos, videos, and charts were quickly adapted to the new virtual format. It was decided that some speakers would present live on the event day, while others would be pre-recorded. To ensure a high quality event, we shipped professional recording equipment to speakers and coached them on set-up.

Based on years of production experience, we adapted the customer’s video sharing service to function as a virtual control room. This innovative approach created simultaneous video conference calls: a front-facing feed that the attendees would see, and a second “behind the scenes” feed for our staff and speakers.

Graphic for NAS 101 event Overview & History

This project included:

  • Graphic Support
  • Video Production
  • Live Event Support
  • Technical Coaching
  • Brand Storytelling

The Outcome

The event was an unqualified success that impressed management and industry alike. The virtual format reached more busy people than an in-person event ever could. In addition, the video recording of the event was repackaged and made available online, extending the impact of the initial investment.