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Three decades of creative solutions with powerful results.

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Our professional and fun team will make your ideas shine.

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Technical proficiency across a wide range of media.

Is your work getting the recognition it deserves?

Are you reaching your audience?

To win them over, you need a strong voice in the market. That starts by crafting communications that inspire action and ensure your projects get the support they deserve.

Are your ideas getting heard?

It can be challenging to explain dense technical theories into everyday language. But making those ideas accessible will make them more memorable.

Are you missing opportunities?

If you have their attention, you still need to convert those connections into sales. That means inspiring your audience into action.

Is your path unclear?

Startups and new projects begin with a lot of passion. But you still need a marketing plan and a consistent strategy to get your message heard.

A Roadmap for your future

We have the designers and strategists with the experience to help you forge a confident path forward. It starts by establishing a strong presence through a unique marketing mix. Depending on your needs, our strategic approach can include communication platforms, website development, SEO/SEM optimization, printed materials, videos, and trade show support. Whatever your needs, we work collaboratively to realize your vision.

Stand out and become a voice in the market

Craft marketing materials that resonate with your audience

Create a consistent presence through multiple touch points online and in-person

Inform and Inspire

When it comes to highly technical concepts, we understand your concerns and speak your language. It starts with clarifying the value proposition. And then finding the best way to make that message resonate with your audience.

Convert connections into opportunities

Capturing attention is only the first step. See how our award-winning team can inspire your audience into action and open up a world of opportunities.

A drone flying

KAIA [kī-a] creates Emmy award-winning Design for the world’s most innovative organizations. For over three decades we’ve delivered hundreds of projects for Fortune 100 firms like CaseIH, Nike, and Disney, and institutions like NASA, DARPA, FAA and the MIT Media Lab. Above all we translate customer concepts into pixel-perfect work, on budget and on time.

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Red 5 stars

“KAIA’s perspectives on how to tell the story to shape the message as well as the high quality original material created exceeded the project team’s vision and the content was utilized to introduce the initiative to the FAA Administrator and all key executives across the agency, and was received with high accolades.”

– Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration

Red 5 stars

“KAIA immeasurably helped us to get out of our current thinking to imagine an elegant, logical, and realistic path forward. I’ve both hired and recommended KAIA on multiple design projects. They are responsive, organized and is a joy to work with.”

– Global Design Director, SRAM Corp

Ready to see your ideas take off?

We know you have a passion for big ideas. We understand trying to win over a skeptical audience can leave you feeling frustrated. We believe great concepts deserve recognition. Which is why we’ve developed a proven methodology to engage with your market and convert connections into opportunities.

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