8a Acquisition Process

KAIA is eligible to receive sole source 8(a) contracts valued up to $4.5 million from the federal government. There are no additional limitations in terms of contract type under the 8(a) program; fixed price, time & materials, and their variations can be issued. We generally recommend a broadly scoped master contract from which task orders may be issued to provide the customer with maximum flexibility and control without a commitment to use the full value of the contract.

How to award a streamlined 8(a) Sole Source Contract:

  1. Discuss the project with KAIA to establish technical requirements, a time frame, and a general price estimate.
  2. Contact your Contracting Officer, Agency Small Business Specialist, or Joe Smetak, the SBA Business Opportunity Specialist supporting KAIA, for assistance. KAIA can help you prepare the package that includes the requirements description, estimated period of performance, and other information: https://www.acquisition.gov/far/19.804-2
  3. Your Contracting Officer will send an Offering Letter to the SBA requesting permission to conduct sole source negotiations with KAIA.
  4. The SBA confirms eligibility of KAIA and authorizes the negotiations.
  5. If the estimate is below $250k, Simplified Acquisition does not require a technical proposal and the Contracting Officer sends RFQ to KAIA requesting a cost proposal and then negotiates cost and terms with KAIA.
  6. If the estimate exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold of $250K, and is below $4.5 million, the Contracting Officer sends RFP to KAIA requesting technical and cost proposals and then negotiates cost and terms with KAIA.
  7. After negotiations the Contracting Officer prepares a contract award document and sends it to KAIA for signature.
  8. The executed contract from KAIA is returned to the Contracting Officer who signs it and sends it to the SBA.
  9. Contract performance begins.
* Ideally, this acquisition process can be accomplished in as little as two weeks. Although the duration can take longer depending on complexity and urgency.
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