Concept design envisions the future of aerospace


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As technology continues to advance, so do our transportation needs. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a promising solution that envisions a safe and efficient aviation transportation system that will use highly automated aircraft to transport passengers or cargo at lower altitudes within urban and suburban areas.


Urban Air Mobility (UAM) aircraft offer efficient travel but come with safety risks and noise pollution when taking off and landing close to population centers. Safety regulations require that flight corridors for UAM aircraft must be located away from buildings and structures, a challenge for urban and suburban areas with limited space and many structures.

Concept design drawing envision the future of aerospace


Developed for NASA, Riverfront UAM vertiport concept looks 15 to 20 years into the future. This advanced concept is a promising solution that takes advantage of the unique features of many urban cities that are built along rivers. Unlike city streets, rivers have relatively little activity and offer unused flight corridors, making them ideal for eVTOL aircraft operations. Furthermore, the wide corridors created by these urban waterways cut through the heart of cities and provide safe approach routes for air taxis that are at a distance from the tall buildings, which can create turbulent wind patterns.

Concept drawing of a riverfront landing pad

This project included:

  • Conceptual Exploration
  • System Designs
  • Visual Representations of Project


Riverfront is an innovative path for the growth of UAM, addressing the need for safe and efficient travel in urban and suburban areas. Early detailed representation of concepts identifies potential issues and reveals valuable insights to real-world issues.

The Riverfront concept demonstrates that even the most complex challenges can have accessible solutions. Advanced concept design and detailed visualization informs a more realistic engineering solution.

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