Detailed NASA Visualization Inspires Decision Makers


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From Los Angeles to London in 2 hours. In this groundbreaking NASA concept, a large jet airlifts the hypersonic vehicle and releases it at 400 mph. The vehicle’s rockets then ignite, accelerating it to 4,000 mph before scramjet propulsion takes over, pushing the vehicle to speeds exceeding Mach 5 (3,836 mph). This innovative method has the potential to transform the global logistics industry, enabling cargo transportation between cities like Los Angeles and London in just a matter of hours.


Create an advanced concept visualization that would not only package multiple propulsion systems and maximum cargo space within a realistic hypersonic form, but also capture the imagination of management. This required a understanding of the technology and constraints involved to communicate the design effectively.


Starting from just a napkin sketch diagram and conversations with the lead engineer, a series of CAD models were built. Through an iterative process with the customer, the aircraft was quickly built (and rebuilt) to optimize packaging of multiple propulsion methods while maximizing the cargo space. This collaborative approach allowed the design team to adapt and improve the concept as new information and requirements emerged. Photorealistic visualization brought the hypersonic cargo transport concept to life within a realistic engineering envelope.

This project included:

  • Photorealistic Visualization
  • Conceptual Design


Thanks to the detailed visualization and iterative design process, the advanced concept appeared real and feasible to management, enabling the project to move forward. The design allowed engineers to optimize systems integration and packaging of multiple propulsion methods to maximize the cargo space, creating a more realistic and functional engineering solution.

An Advanced Concept Brought to Life

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