Video and Website Explaining a Highly Complex Concept

Info-centric NAS


The National Airspace System (NAS) is a complex topic. The Info-centric NAS is the FAA’s vision for a future National Airspace System that will be interconnected, flexible, and inclusive of all stakeholders. How can these highly complex and interconnected concepts be explained to industry, management, and the public?


KAIA is a strategic communications agency specializing in communicating highly complex concepts. We were tasked with providing an overview of the FAA’s vision for the future of air travel to a broad audience with a diverse range of technical knowledge, including:
  • Executives in the aerospace industry
  • FAA employees and management, and
  • The flying public.
The challenge, therefore, was to create engaging public-facing communications that encapsulating the core concept and would thread the technical, political, and operational needles.


To tackle the challenge of explaining complex concepts related to the National Airspace System (NAS), the KAIA team used a combination of techniques to create engaging and informative content.

Define And Explain Complex Concepts In Detail

To make sure the audience fully understands the complex topic, the KAIA team started by researching the background and history of the NAS. From this deeper understanding, the complex system could be broken down into simpler ideas, making it easier for the audience to understand.

Visuals, Motion Graphics, And Diagrams

The KAIA team employed visuals to effectively communicate complex information related to the modernization of the National Airspace System (NAS). By adopting a “see-say” approach, which involves presenting information both visually (see) and verbally (say), the team ensured that the audience could simultaneously engage with the material through different sensory channels, leading to improved retention and understanding. This visually appealing format helped break down intricate ideas into digestible pieces of information, making the complex concepts more approachable and enhancing overall audience engagement.

Presenting data in an accessible and visually appealing format draws attention to important aspects of the FAA’s modernization efforts, such as System-Wide Information Management (SWIM), Enterprise Information Management (EIM), and Data Exchange. This approach not only fostered a deeper understanding of the FAA’s efforts to modernize the National Airspace System but also ensured that the information presented was both memorable and impactful.

Contrasting Examples To Help With Understanding

By juxtaposing intricate ideas with more straightforward, relatable examples, the presentation enabled listeners to bridge the gap between their existing knowledge and the new, challenging material. The real-world parallels made the sophisticated ideas approachable and digestible, enabling the listeners to engage with the material and gain a deeper understanding.

Use Language That The Audience Is Familiar With

Using language that ‘meets the audience where they are’ plays a pivotal role in successful communication, as demonstrated by the strategic selection of recognizable and relatable terminology, phrases, and expressions. This approach significantly enhanced the audience’s ability to comprehend and absorb core ideas, simplifying complex and abstract concepts into more digestible and accessible pieces. Not only did this foster a better understanding of the content, but it also made it more engaging and relevant, increasing the likelihood of retaining the information and recognizing its importance.

Simplifying Technical Concepts With  Narrative

The KAIA team combined the power of captivating narratives and storytelling to simplify intricate ideas and effectively convey the complexities of the National Airspace System (NAS). By creating interesting stories and incorporating real-life scenarios and characters, they promoted a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted information that makes up the NAS. This approach not only facilitated learning and retention but also fostered a sense of connection to the subject matter, bridging the gap between complex technical knowledge and the everyday experiences of those who interact with the national airspace system.

Embracing narrative storytelling humanizes the technology and demystified the jargon, making the NAS more accessible to a diverse range of individuals. This engaging story, coupled with relatable characters and scenarios, allowed the audience to better comprehend the subject matter and its practical applications. In doing so, the team created a memorable and enjoyable learning experience that simplified the understanding of complex concepts and broadening their appeal.

Charting Aviation's Future - Operations in an Info-Centric NAS

This project included:

  • Graphic Support
  • Animated Video
  • Brand Storytelling


The website and explainer video created by KAIA were a huge success. The videos helped to demystify the complex subject matter of the Info-Centric NAS and made it more accessible to the general public. The video and website content were well-received by the FAA and serve to clearly communicate their vision of an Info-centric NAS as it becomes reality over the coming years.

KAIA can help you

  1. Define and explained complex concepts in detail.
  2. Use visuals, motion graphics, and diagrams for effective communication.
  3. Adopt language that the audience is familiar with.
  4. Simplify technical concepts with captivating narratives.