The Project

The UTM Pilot Program (UPP) is a partnership between the FAA and industry leaders to test and evaluate technologies, standards, and procedures required to support Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) operations. The main objective of UPP is to facilitate the safe integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS) and enable advanced drone operations.

The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, the in-person flight demonstration for UPP2 was canceled, creating a need for alternative methods to communicate the program’s progress. To maintain momentum, it was crucial to find a way to present the project virtually.

The Solution

Rapid Coordination And Media Collection

To swiftly adapt to the virtual format, KAIA worked closely with the team to understand the work already completed in anticipation of the in-person event. KAIA coordinated across multiple departments to quickly gather media, interview speakers, and create an online event platform. Existing photos, videos, and charts were adapted to suit the new virtual format, ensuring all available resources were utilized effectively.

Live And Pre-Recorded Presentations

KAIA adopted a “simulive” approach, where some speakers presented live on event day while others were pre-recorded. This method provided a seamless experience for attendees, as it was often indistinguishable whether a speaker was presenting live or had been pre-recorded. To ensure a high-quality event, KAIA shipped professional recording equipment to the speakers and provided setup assistance. Additionally, they instructed speakers on camera positioning, background selection, and optimal lighting conditions.

Innovative Control Room Setup

Drawing on their extensive production experience, KAIA adapted the customer’s video sharing service to function as a virtual control room. This innovative approach enabled simultaneous video conference calls, creating a front-facing feed for attendees and a second “behind the scenes” feed for staff and speakers. This allowed presenters to focus on their speaking roles, while KAIA managed the technical aspects.

A drawing showing various considerations to plan a virtual event

This project included:

  • Graphic Support
  • Video Production
  • Live Event Support
  • Technical Coaching
  • Brand Storytelling

Based on years of production experience, we adapted the customer’s video sharing service to function as a virtual control room. This innovative approach created simultaneous video conference calls: a front-facing feed that the attendees would see, and a second “behind the scenes” feed for our staff and speakers.

The Outcome

Positive Reception

The virtual event proved to be an unqualified success, impressing both management and industry stakeholders. The engaging story structure framed the topic effectively and illuminated the reasons behind the technology, resulting in a well-received and informative presentation about UPP2.

Allowing Customer To Focus On The Big Picture

By taking on the responsibility of organizing and managing the virtual event, KAIA effectively removed pressure from the customer, allowing them to focus on the big picture. Additionally, the process for the staff and communications team was streamlined, making their roles more manageable and efficient.

Greater Reach

The virtual format enabled the event to reach a larger audience of busy professionals than an in-person event could have, ensuring that the UPP2 project continued to move forward. The virtual approach also provided stakeholders and interested parties with an accessible and convenient way to learn about the project’s progress.

Extended Impact

By repackaging the video recording of the event and making it available online, KAIA extended the impact of the initial investment. This approach allowed more people to access the valuable information presented during the event, thereby broadening the audience and further disseminating the project’s achievements.

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