Creating a persuasive multimedia powerpoint presentation for engineers



KAIA, a leading provider of presentation design services and brand marketing, collaborated with Flight Deck Collaborative Decision Making (FD CDM) to develop a PowerPoint presentation to improve information exchange within the aviation community. As a joint Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) government and industry initiative, the project focused on developing Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications to deliver digital taxi instructions to aircrews [1].



KAIA’s task was to communicate complex technical information to engineers and program managers clearly, concisely, and engagingly with high-impact graphics.


KAIA used a storytelling framework to convey the background, features, benefits, and next steps of the FD CDM project. This approach helped present complex information in a clear, cohesive, and engaging manner, ensuring the presentation resonated with its audience. KAIA’s collaborative process involved multiple iterations with the client, refining the messaging and visuals for the presentation to ensure it met the project goals. [2]

Dynamic visuals, such as animations and 3D illustrations, added visual interest making the presentation more memorable and persuading the audience to take action. [3] KAIA’s attention to detail resulted in a polished and professional presentation that surpassed the client’s expectations.

Deliverables included a PowerPoint template, graphic support, animated video, illustration and diagrams, and 3D OV1 (High-Level Operational Concept Graphic). [4] Many of the custom graphics that KAIA created were animated rather than static, adding impact and visual interest to the presentation.


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This project included:

  • PowerPoint Template
  • Graphic Support
  • Animated Video
  • Illustration & Diagrams
  • 3D OV1

Many of the custom graphics were animated rather than static, a feature that added impact and visual interest.


The FD CDM project presentation received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the client, who expressed gratitude and satisfaction with the final product.

“Thank you for the great work on the FD CDM project presentation. You went over and beyond to address the smallest details and as a result our presentation was great!” 

 – FAA Program Manager

By exceeding the client’s expectations, KAIA delivered a successful product while building a robust working relationship and established trust with the customer. This outcome demonstrates the value of a collaborative approach and commitment to quality that fosters long-term partnerships.

KAIA’s team of experts combines creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional value to their clients. They specialize in creating engaging presentations with impactful visuals that effectively communicate complex information to diverse audiences.

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