Exhibit design and research of a famous landmark

Disney Castle

The Project

The Sleeping Beauty Castle has long been the symbol and centerpiece of Disneyland, attracting millions of visitors since its inauguration in 1955. The original exhibit within the castle featured three-dimensional dioramas promoting the animated film Sleeping Beauty, designed by Walt Disney himself. However, as the 21st century began, the exhibit fell into disrepair and was relegated to a storage area.


Research and Documentation

The primary challenge in this restoration project was researching and documenting the original Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle exhibit. This required the team to study the construction techniques and stagecraft employed during the era, as well as gather photographs from park visitors over the years. Additionally, the team had to physically examine the deteriorating interior to gain further insights.

Design Reconstruction

Once the research was completed, the next challenge was designing a historically accurate reconstruction of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle interior. This involved creating a video blueprint of the original walkthrough, as well as computer animations that demonstrated the diorama techniques, walkway hall color, and lighting.


Exhibit design in the iconic Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle


Research Methodology

The research process for this restoration project followed several key steps: 

  1. Reviewing historical documents and architectural plans of the Sleeping Beauty Castle exhibit to better understand the original design and intent[3].
  2. Collecting photographs from park visitors and archival sources to visually document the exhibit’s evolution over the years.
  3. Conducting interviews with individuals who worked on the original exhibit or had firsthand knowledge of its design and construction.
  4. Physically examining the deteriorating interior to assess the extent of damage and identify key elements that needed to be preserved or restored.

Design Reconstruction Process

The design reconstruction process involved several stages: 

  1. Creating a historically accurate video blueprint of the original walkthrough using the research findings. This blueprint served as a visual guide for the reconstruction efforts.
  2. Developing computer animations to explain the diorama techniques, walkway hall color, and lighting used in the original exhibit.
  3. Handing off to the Disney Imagineering team for reconstruction ensuing plans were consistent with the original design and intent of the exhibit.



Reopening and Reception

The Sleeping Beauty Castle interior was successfully restored and reopened to the public, coinciding with Disneyland’s 50th anniversary celebrations – the “Happiest Homecoming on Earth.” The exhibit received rave reviews from Disneyland guests, with many praising the attention to detail and the historical accuracy of the restoration. The project was completed in time for the anniversary, making it a fitting tribute to the movie and the park’s history.

Lessons Learned and Future Implications

This restoration project not only breathed new life into a beloved attraction but also demonstrated the value of preserving and restoring historical landmarks. The lessons learned from this project can be applied to future restoration projects, ensuring that the history and heritage of such landmarks are preserved for future generations.

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