Product Development: Sell more, sell at a higher price.

Trail 6 Case Study

J.W. Speaker logo

The Project

J.W. Speaker specializes in the engineering and manufacture of high performance vehicle lighting. Their new Trail 6 lights provide increased safety and visibility in off-road driving situations.

The Challenge

Trail 6 product development had two goals:

  • Improve sales by increasing market share.
  • Maximizing the sales price point of their products without increasing manufacturing costs.

Additionally, marketing needed an attention grabbing booth video for the Trail 6 product launch at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association)

Play Video

Trial 6 | Winner 2018 SEMA "Best In Show" video presentation.

The Solution

KAIA worked with J.W. Speaker marketing and engineering to identify their brand principles:

  • Power Density – Perceived as both compact and powerful
  • Ruggedness – Durable and reliable\
  • High Tech – Incorporates technology unavailable elsewhere

Using these brand principles as guideposts, KAIA began a three phase iterative process to create, test, and improve the design without increasing manufacturing costs.

Three versions of the Trail 6 were identified, each targeted at a specific customer and application:

  • Trail 6 Pro – Smartest light powered by Bluetooth® technology
  • Trail 6 Sport – Ideal for 4×4, UTV, & ATV applications
  • Trail 6 Flash – Deceleration-sensing
Drawing of Trail 6 light

This project included:

  • Product Design
  • Graphic Support
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Marketing Materials
Exploded view of Trail 6 light

The Outcome

The three versions of the Trail 6 met J.W. Speaker’s dual goals of expanding the market and raising the sales price point. The Trail 6 sells for $250 to $460, compared to $165 for the competing product.
KAIA made this possible by:

  • Expressing features and function in an easy-to-understand format
  • Highlighting the underlying technology that powers the product
  • Developing a design aesthetic that matches the market
  • Adding styling to stand out from the completion
  • Building brand recognition